Monday, 10 February 2014 18:59

Get your moodle from $10.00USD*

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A droplet is similar to a VPS or Amazon WS instance. It can include all the services (Apache, MySQL, PHP,...) and scripts you need with the only limitation of resources (CPU and RAM) and disk space you select when create the droplet.

The droplet is located in the cloud (a virtual machine) across several datacenters in US and Europe, using a SSD (Solid State Disk) with higher performance and speed than a classical disk, and using a real CPU core and RAM.


No more resources or disk space limitations!!!



The minimal droplet you need includes 1GB of RAM and 30 GB of disk space, enough to run a small moodle site but DigitalOcean offers also high scalability so your droplet never will be small for your needs. It will grow with you!!!



Your droplet grows with you!!!


Our offer includes:

  • Droplet setup
  • Apache, MySQL and PHP5 latest versions installation and configuration
  • Internal tools, Webmin and PHPMyAdmin installated to manage the services
  • moodle latest version installation and basic setup



  • Droplet Monitoring
  • Technical maintenance (monthly plan)
  • Moodle customization



*You must purchase the droplet (1GB RAM or higher) directly to DigitalOcean using the link above and then request the setup and moodle install contacting us using our contact form. Maintenance plans from $40.00USD/3 months (optional).  Contact us for more information. 

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