Sunday, 02 August 2015 13:39

A new JoomdleBS theme version 1.6 has been published. It includes some bug fixes and new features:

  • Headers and main fonts selection 
  • Top margin setting
  • Catalan language added (other translations are welcome)

You can download the new version from Github:

or from the Moodle Plugin Directory: 


Monday, 25 May 2015 13:23

Update your moodle to the latest 2.9 version and get a free backup solution to keep safe your site.

Saturday, 14 March 2015 12:02

The last version of our JoomdleBS theme for moodle has been published in the Moodle Plugins directory:

It has been updated and is full compatible with the next moodle 2.9 version.

From now you can install and update the JoomdleBS theme directly from your moodle site ot download the latest version from Github

The issue tracker is also available in Github:

Monday, 10 February 2014 20:27

DigitalOcean Create droplet 1To create a Digital Ocean droplet you need first an account. Go to Digital Ocean site and add your personal information. 

After login you will have access to your control panel where you can to manage all your droplets easily and the personal information, billing, DNS, Support, etc.

In the left sidebar you will find a "Create" button and at the top of the screen as well.

This will start the creation process. Don't be afraid to create the wrong droplet. You just started the process.

The next screen will show you the different configurations availables to create the droplet. 


Monday, 10 February 2014 18:59


A droplet is similar to a VPS or Amazon WS instance. It can include all the services (Apache, MySQL, PHP,...) and scripts you need with the only limitation of resources (CPU and RAM) and disk space you select when create the droplet.

The droplet is located in the cloud (a virtual machine) across several datacenters in US and Europe, using a SSD (Solid State Disk) with higher performance and speed than a classical disk, and using a real CPU core and RAM.


Friday, 30 August 2013 12:21

Joomdlebs is a moodle theme specially designed to use with Joomdle sites. The common parts: login, logo, footer, ... have been removed to clear the header and footer space and show more moodle content in wrapped Joomdle sites.

It is based in our own bootstrapbase theme and is totally responsive and therefore can be used in any device, from desktop computers to smartphones. Even running inside Joomla, joomdlebs adapts the content to the screen size.


Some of the features included are:

  • Logo and login removed from header
  • Main colors (links, link hover, background,...) used in the template can be changed easily from the admin backend
  • Footer removed


You can download the theme from: (download also bootstrapbase3b)

Or you can see a demo in:

Friday, 30 August 2013 11:33

When moodle decided to use Bootstrap as a base them from version 2.5 a new future in the moodle theme design was opened. But unfortunately some decisons taken in Moodle HQ about how the new bootstrapbase theme should be applied and how it should looks were not satisfying our needs.

That¡s the reason we decided to create a new bootstrapbase theme to be used as a base for our actual and future theme development.

Using the original Bootstrap theme for moodle create by Bas Brands was the perfect starting point. It has all the features we need and it's closer to our clients requirements that want a clean theme, responsive and above all "that doesn't looks like moodle"

Also, using our own base theme we could adapt some features that in our opinion, are useless and create confusion in the users. The icon before the course title in the front page courses list was removed, the icons before the menu items also were removed and some little issues detected in the design were also modified. 

Garbi and the new Joomdlebs are already updated to use the new base theme. The bootstrapbase3b theme is licensed under GPL and can be downloaded from:  

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 16:38

moodlemoodle 2.5 has been released today with many general improvements and especially in activities, repositories and resources.

Some security bugs have been fixed also and the performance has been improved lightly over previous versions.

This version includes also some new features and the most levant are:

  • New 'boostrapbase' base theme to create responsive design
  • jQuery support
  • Open Badges integration
  • Add-on installer (admins can install add-ons from backend)

You can update from version 2.2.9 and newest and the requirements are the same that moodle 2.4.

We'll explain soon the new features and we could offer you our new theme from tomorrow.

Friday, 10 May 2013 19:49

3bits presents a new moodle 2.5 theme based in Bootstrap. It includes some new awesome features like:

  • Responsive Frontpage Slideshow 
  • Login/user information block
  • Customized colors 
  • Logo Image

garbi theme

The main features can be customized from the backend without development skills. The theme is totally responsive, slideshow included, so it can run in any device smoothly.

You can see the demo in:

And it's available for download in Github:

Feel free to fork it!!!

Thursday, 09 May 2013 02:00


moodle 2.5 has passed last tests and will be available in a few days. This version has many improvements especially the design that will be based in Bootstrap, the famous Twitter framework.

It means that moodle will be responsive and will work in any screen size from panoramic desktop screens till small mobile phone.


More improvements are:

  • Use of Open Badges
  • New admin tool for installing add-ons
  • More usable forms
  • Paypal enrolment support more currencies